We offer excellent service including non-slam support.

Our Own Channels

We use our own technology for streaming the channels for best quality. Bears strong!

Redundant Servers

We use more than 1 Server for the best stable Solution!

Apps / Plugins

You can choose, if you want a Android- Kodi- Enigma- App. For all this Devices we have our own Plugins!

24/7 Support

We do not know any other vendors who even provide such a support as we do. Test it!

Magic work

Currently over 17,000 customers use our service, we think that speaks for us. Not only that we are no longer a fluke, no, we continue to grow. Every day we receive a song of praise, how well our service to other providers works.

But not only that, over 20 other IPTV providers are currently using our channels because even our colleagues honor and appreciate the quality we offer!

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1 Month IPTV

10,00 Euro

3 Months IPTV

25,00 Euro

6 Month IPTV

45,00 Euro

12 Month IPTV

80,00 Euro

48 Hours Test IPTV

1,00 Euro

366 Days

120,00 Euro

Reseller Panel Activation

40,00 Euro

100 Connections - restream

300,00 Euro

50 Connections - restream

150,00 Euro

Can I only continue to recommend very helpful has patience and if there are problems immediately after a solution found. The line runs 100% Thank you very much Darkside


666 Milky Way
WI, Verona, 53593.






Monday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm
Friday: People work on Fridays now?
Saturday - Sunday: Best not to ask.
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